Removing Cellulite with LPG

LPG is considered a highly effective and painless method. Tool head LPG – the device is equipped with two drives from each other rollers and device establishes a regulatory vacuum between them. Thus, the skin is lifted by the simultaneous vacuum (similar to a suction cup), and is subjected to vigorous massage through the rollers. As a result, activated blood and lymphatic circulation of the body, improving tissue metabolism, elimination of toxins, and the skin became visibly smoother and tighter. The intensity of the massage is regulated by degrees so that it is painless, very nice and relaxing, adapted to the individual sensitivity of each individual patient. The Best achieved with a set of 12-14 procedures frequency 2-3 times a week.
The first results are seen after 7-8 minute procedure begins when visibly smoothes the skin and reduce the circumference of the thighs and hips. The professional approach is that an individual treatment plan, and tips on diet and exercise routine depending on the needs of each patient. In order to maintain a recommended procedure, 2 months will be required to maintain the effect of tight skin and prevention of cellulite.
Health, beauty and philosophy of LPG – technology: It includes new thinking, a change in lifestyle, a healthy diet, good tone and confidence. Single procedure is between 40 and 50 lev-body and 20-30 only for an area. So you need at least 300 lev to see any effect.
Removing cellulite with Vela smooth
Vela smooth: A combination of radiofrequency, infrared, vacuum and roller massage that destroy the fatty deposits, reducing cellulite and firming the body, but the price could hit 1000 lev for the whole course.
You need cellulite (you probably have it), natural honey and time to do this massage and patience and perseverance to do it regularly.


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